Post Orthodontic Whitening in Castle Pines & Highlands Ranch

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Say goodbye to white spots, and hello to a whiter, brighter smile! After orthodontic care, teeth can sometimes develop white spots. These spots can also occur because of genetics, poor dental hygiene, and certain medical conditions. 

Some of these spots are called "hypocalcified enamel lesions," meaning the enamel doesn't contain enough calcium. Calcium deficiency in the enamel can make teeth look chalky and have white, yellow, or brown discoloration. 

Our team can quickly and easily remove white spots with ICON teeth whitening. ICON technology uses resin infiltration to seep through the demineralized enamel and clear away unwanted white spots. No other treatment can get rid of white spots like resin infiltration, and it's faster and more cost-effective than veneers or tooth-colored full coverage crowns.

Zirconia Crowns Are Unlike Any Other 

Zirconia crowns are the strongest type of ceramic crown, and they closely match the color and strength of natural teeth. Zirconia crowns are very durable and can withstand biting and chewing with ease. Because of these crowns' enhanced aesthetics, they are perfect for restoring cavities in front teeth. 

Pediatric Dentist in Castle PinesWe Help Growing Smiles Shine Bright! 

A beautiful, healthy smile is attainable with cosmetic dental care with Dr. Jon and our team at Sierk Children's Dentistry. Every child's smile is unique, and our cosmetic services help kids and teens have smiles that are attractive and functional. If you are interested in pediatric zirconia crowns, ICON teeth whitening, or tooth-colored fillings, we would love to speak with you! 

To address a cosmetic concern with us, please call our dental office at (303) 865-4066. 

We look forward to helping your child or teen discover their best smile!