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White Spots on Your Childs's Teeth? We Can Help

September 26, 2022
Posted By: Jonathan Sierk Children's Dentistry Staff

We can help through ICON teeth whitening technology in Highlands Ranch or Castle Pines, CO.

You take excellent care of your child’s teeth, assisting them with brushing and flossing or making sure they do so on schedule. Next, you take them to the dentist for regular checkups. Then you notice the white spots, which can be disheartening after all your diligence!

Fortunately, we can usually eradicate these white tooth stains, giving your child a uniform smile appearance.

Why White Tooth Stains Occur

After braces or orthodontic care, you may notice white stains or spots on your child’s teeth. These spots can be genetic or result from insufficient brushing and flossing or lack of dental care. In some cases, medical conditions or medications cause these spots.

Often these white stains, hypocalcified enamel lesions, appear when enamel calcium is low. The spots may look milky or like chalk marks. They can also be brownish or have a yellow tint.

About ICON Teeth Whitening

Whether the white spots on your child’s teeth are post-orthodontic or caused by other means, we can use ICON technology to clear them away. ICON relies on resin infiltration to penetrate tooth pores, allowing the stains to lift away. This method is far less expensive than veneers or a series of dental crowns.

To learn whether ICON Technology will work for your child’s white tooth spots, we have you bring them in for a friendly consultation with the dentist. We can recommend alternatives if Dr. Sierk determines that ICON is not a suitable method.

Pediatric Dentist in Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines, CO

Our goal is to provide your child with a healthy and beautiful smile. ICON technology may be able to help.

To arrange a consultation with the dentist or if you have questions for our team, reach out to a helpful and friendly dental staff member today.

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