Children's Emergency Dental Care in Highlands Ranch & Castle Pines

Emergency Dentistry around the clock in Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines

Accidents can happen at any moment, which is why our patients are taken care of 24/7 to help repair any dental mishaps your child may experience. We make it a point to be accessible and reachable, and we are always eager to help kids mend their smiles, relieve their pain, and give parents peace of mind. 

When it comes to emergency dentistry, time is of the essence to treat your child’s precious smile. If your child experiences a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact either our Highlands Ranch or Castle Pines dental office. 

dr sierk with parent | Castle Pines pediatric dentist

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation that requires immediate care to prevent damage to the tooth or relieve pain. Even if your child still has baby teeth, it’s important to see your emergency dentist in Highlands Ranch or Castle Pines for emergency treatment. Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent adult teeth, so it’s important that your child’s baby teeth remain healthy and intact. 

Please contact our dental office immediately if your child experiences any of the following:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Broken, chipped, or knocked-out tooth
  • Cheek or gum swelling 
  • Bumps or an abscess on the gums 
  • Tender or bleeding gums 
  • Lost or broken fillings or crowns 

Child at dentist in Highlands Ranch

Better Safe Than Sorry: Preparing for Dental Emergencies

We can’t always prevent emergencies from happening, but we can try our best to act with caution and speed if it does happen. If your child experiences a dental emergency, the first step is to contact Sierk Children’s Dentistry as soon as possible. 

If your child’s permanent tooth falls out from trauma, you should carefully place it back in its socket until you get to our office. If you cannot place the tooth in its socket, we recommend placing it in a sealed container of water or a save-a-tooth kit. Keeping the tooth moist is vital for preserving it and saving the tooth. Remember, the faster Dr. Jon and our team can assess the damage, the faster we can repair your child’s smile. 

We Are Here for You, Day or Night!

For your comfort and convenience, we stay connected with our patients through phone, text message, and email. We value transparent communication and making sure our patients and their parents know exactly what to expect at Sierk Children’s Dentistry. We know our patients lead busy lives, and accidents can happen at any moment, which is why we make ourselves readily available for you, day or night! 

If your child has a broken or painful tooth, please call us at (303) 865-4066 for prompt emergency care!