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Do you offer non-fluoridated treatment?

Sierk Children’s Dentistry advocates for the use of fluoride to prevent dental decay and protect your child’s growing smile. However, we understand some parents may prefer other options to treat tooth decay instead of fluoride. We offer various treatments that do not contain fluoride, such as sealants. 

A Sealant Is Like a Raincoat for Your Teeth

Sealants are like little raincoats that keep the teeth protected from cavity-causing bacteria. Dr. Jon usually puts sealants on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, since the back of the mouth is more likely to develop cavities. This is because it’s more difficult to reach and fully clean every nook and cranny of molars. Sealants can stop early stages of decay right in its tracks and keep your child’s smile strong and healthy. 

According to Mouth Healthy by the American Dental Association, sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of cavities in molars by nearly 80 percent! 

Don't Let Cavities Steal the Spotlight! 

Dr. Jon and our team use sealants to coat cavity-prone teeth and protect them from decay, so your child can enjoy their smile for years to come. If you need to schedule your child’s check-up, cleaning, or sealant treatment, please call us today.

We look forward to making your child’s smile look and feel shiny and new!

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