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Why do my kids need x-rays?

As a parent or caregiver, it’s only natural to have safety concerns about x-rays. However, it’s important to understand why x-rays are important for your child’s dental health and how our pediatric dental practice uses them to provide excellent care. 

Ultra-Safe Dental X-Rays for Children 

At Sierk Children’s Dentistry, we use digital dental x-rays to look for signs of decay and any other underlying issues that we can't see with a tooth-by-tooth exam. According to Mouth Healthy by the American Dental Association, dental x-rays are safe for children, 

Yes, our x-rays are completely safe for kids, but we never want to pressure you and your family into doing something that you’re uncomfortable doing.

Why We Use Dental X-Rays 

Our digital dental x-rays are comfortable for kids and help us monitor their teeth, gums, and jawbone development. 

Dental x-rays help us:

  • Evaluate if there is enough room in your child’s mouth for erupting teeth.
  • Examine wisdom teeth, including early development or impaction 
  • Look for early signs of cavities and gum disease
  • Check for any abnormalities, like tumors or cysts

Also, it’s important to note that children with low risks of decay don’t usually need dental x-rays as frequently as children with higher risks. This is one of the many reasons why practicing good oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing, is so important. 

To schedule your child’s check-up or learn more about dental x-rays, contact our dental office today! 

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