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What do I do if my child’s tooth is chipped?

We can restore your child’s chipped tooth in our Highlands Ranch or Castle Pines dental office.

Children chip their teeth sometimes. For example, they may chew on a hard object like ice or play roughly during recess at school. No matter the cause, we offer methods to restore the chipped tooth to health and beauty.

How Dr. Sierk treats the tooth depends on the complexity or severity of the chip.

Options for Tooth Chips

Our pediatric dentist may use composite resin, the same material found in tooth-colored fillings, for a small chip that is primarily cosmetic. We can spread the malleable resin over a tooth to fill the chip. We then set it with a special light and finish with a thorough polish.

For more significant tooth chips, we recommend a dental crown. Dental crowns conceal the chip but also prevent further breakage and potential loss. A dental crown is a cover that fits over the tooth. It will look like your child’s natural adult teeth, allowing them to chew and smile without worry.

Fixing Your Child’s Tooth Chip in Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines, CO

If you would like to arrange a consultation with our pediatric dentist for your child, contact a friendly and knowledgeable team member to get started. We look forward to restoring your child’s smile!

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