Your Child Can Have a Winning Smile with Orthodontic Treatment

The best time to receive orthodontic care is during childhood and the teenage years. At Sierk Children’s Dentistry, we make this transformative time in your child’s life educational and fun! We help children, teens, and special needs patients of all ages enjoy their orthodontic treatment while achieving quality, predictable results.

Cleaning and Care Throughout Orthodontic Treatment

When wearing braces, consider professional cleanings every three months as opposed to the normally recommended six-month schedule. Dr. Sierk is happy to provide these frequent and necessary cleanings.

With metal braces, it can be difficult for young people to maintain an effective oral health routine. Many will notice plaque and tartar build up quicker and that it is more difficult to reach certain areas. Patients are at risk of gum disease and decay if they are not diligent about brushing and flossing. With professional cleanings from the talented hygienists at Sierk Children’s Dentistry, we can keep your smile healthy during orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Teamwork to Bring Out the Best in Your Smile

The team at Sierk Children’s Dentistry works closely with trusted orthodontic specialists to guide you along every step of the orthodontic journey. Dr. Sierk can assess and evaluate the bite alignment at every exam. He’ll let you know right away if your child requires orthodontic intervention.

Free Cleanings After Braces Removal

Completing orthodontic treatment is an exciting time. Dr. Sierk wants to help you and your child celebrate their new smile. When you receive orthodontic care from our partnering orthodontist, we offer free professional cleanings after the removal of your braces to commemorate the occasion.

Our free post-braces cleanings are also important times to check for things that may have developed while wearing braces. Uneven staining, plaque, and tartar buildup may occur while receiving orthodontic care.

Preemptive Extractions for Orthodontics

A child’s permanent teeth can be too large or too numerous to fit in their oral structure comfortably. Preemptive extractions allow new ones to comfortably grow in with better alignment.

In many cases, a simple extraction or two allows teeth to arrange themselves smoothly under the pressure of braces. Dr. Sierk safely performs tooth extractions with the help of his in-house anesthesiologist.

Choose Sierk Children’s Dentistry for Orthodontic Maintenance and Extractions

Teamwork makes orthodontic treatment successful. Sierk Children’s Dentistry enjoys being your family’s partner throughout this exciting stage of oral health. Call us today to schedule a consultation and get more information on orthodontic treatment.