Tooth Extraction Made Simple with Dr. Sierk 

There are many reasons to extract a tooth, from infection to orthodontic intervention. It is very possible that your child may need a tooth removed at some point, and Sierk Children’s Dentistry performs skilled tooth extractions on children and special needs patients of all ages.

With our experienced staff, comforting amenities, and sedation options, the entire tooth extraction procedure is made simple. Although it’s always best to preserve your child’s natural teeth, sometimes that isn’t an option. If you suspect your child may need an extraction, visit Dr. Sierk for a thorough examination.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Decay and infection are common reasons for extraction, but there are other valid reasons for pulling a tooth. Dr. Sierk will carefully evaluate your child’s smile to ensure extraction is the right choice.

We will move forward with an extraction if your child exhibits the following problems:

  • Severe Tooth Decay – Some teeth are beyond repair, even with a crown.
  • Infection of the Tooth Pulp – When root canal therapy isn’t enough, extracting an infected tooth prevents the bacteria from spreading.
  • Fractured or Broken Teeth – Crowns can repair a slightly broken tooth, but cracks and fissures that extend beneath the gum line warrant extraction.
  • Impacted Teeth – When teeth can’t erupt properly, they can impact and cause a host of problems for the oral environment.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions – The most commonly impacted teeth are the third molars, commonly referred to as wisdom teeth.
  • Preemptive Orthodontic Extraction – Removing primary (baby) teeth to make room for permanent teeth is not uncommon. If your child’s orthodontist recommends preemptive extraction, Dr. Sierk is an excellent choice.
  • Active Orthodontic Extraction – Sometimes a child’s primary teeth are too large or too numerous for a healthy fit. Removing a tooth or two can help this complication, making brushing and flossing much easier.

Whatever prompts your child’s extraction, know that Dr. Sierk will carefully consider all alternatives beforehand. At Sierk Children's Dentistry, we only extract teeth when it is necessary.

Soothing Staff and a Comfortable Environment

We offer comforting amenities and sedation services to help our patients remain calm. Our on-site anesthesiologist ensures our patients are dosed appropriately when undergoing sedation. We also have weighted blankets, headphones, and quiet rooms to help your child or family member with disabilities comfortably get the care they need.

Pediatric Tooth Extractions by Dr. Sierk

Whether you have been referred to us or are seeking out our services on your own, we treat all patients equally with quality dental care and attention. We proudly serve the Highlands Ranch community and the surrounding areas. To schedule a comprehensive consultation, contact our office today.