Dentistry for Children

Exceptional Dentistry for Children in Highlands Ranch

Your child’s smile is precious, and oral health plays a vital role in their dental development and overall wellbeing. When looking for professional dental care for your child, having an experienced pediatric dentist you can trust makes all the difference. Together we can ensure their smile stays healthy, beautiful, and functional for a lifetime.

At Sierk Children’s Dentistry, our compassionate pediatric dentist, Jonathan Sierk, DDS, dedicates his extensive experience to caring for children all across Highlands Ranch, especially those in need of specialized care. Our pediatric dentist combines his passion for helping others with his experience to provide the very best dental care for your child. To find out more, or to schedule their next dental checkup, contact Sierk Children’s Dentistry today!

What Child-Friendly Dental Care Services Do You Provide?

Looking after and monitoring your child’s developing smile means going the extra mile to protect their baby teeth. Not only are primary teeth important for your child’s current oral health, but they lay down the foundation for their future, adult smile.

For these reasons and many others, Dr. Sierk provides a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to your child’s smile. These solutions include:

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Exams & Checkups
  • Patient & Parent Education
  • Fluoride & Sealant Treatments
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings, Crowns & ICON® White Spot Removal
  • Dental Emergencies
  • Gentle Extractions & Orthodontics
  • Special Needs & Sedation Dentistry

During appointments, our pediatric dentist verifies that your child’s baby teeth are coming in properly, on time, and are healthy. He also watches for early warning signs of other dental and oral health problems in children, such as improper jaw alignment or tongue thrusting.

Exercising Prevention Through Patient and Parent Education

Establishing a future of proper oral hygiene and dental care begins even before your child can brush their own teeth. As your ally for creating healthy and beautiful smiles for the future, our pediatric dentist provides education on dental care using models that are easy to understand. With modern technology and child-friendly language, we help your child understand how to keep their teeth healthy.

To help guide your child down the right path towards proper dental care, we provide education to parents. This involves prevention such as ways to help avoid accidents, proper oral hygiene at home, nutrition, and other healthy habits. Helping you understand common health risks your child can face and how oral healthcare can benefit their overall well-being. We also promote positive dental visits that allow us to help kids stay healthy and happy.

Understanding the Importance of Caring for Primary Teeth

While your child’s primary teeth do eventually fall out, it is very important that they are kept healthy. Baby teeth serve several critical functions, including:

  • Helping your child maintain good nutrition through proper chewing
  • Aiding speech development, allowing you child to pronounce words properly while talking
  • Paving the way for permanent, adult teeth by saving space for them 
  • Guiding adult teeth as they erupt, to better prevent crowding and misalignment
  • Providing your child with healthy self-confidence in their smile

Child-Friendly Cleanings and Examinations

Gentle Exams allow our pediatric dentist to detect any underlying dental or oral health issues and begin treating them before they develop into more serious complications. By scheduling your child’s dental exam every six months, Dr. Sierk can ensure the overall health of your child’s smile by monitoring their dental development and providing treatment when they need it.

Child-Friendly Cleanings are very important for your child’s dental health. Children are at a higher risk for cavities during the first decade of their life because their enamel is not as strong as adult teeth. Professional cleanings remove plaque effectively, getting into those hard to reach places. This helps prevent cavities and allows our team to identify any existing decay.

Without bi-annual dental cleanings, cavities can grow, causing more serious problems. Routine cleanings are the best way to keep your child's smile free of harmful plaque buildup while also avoiding more complex treatments in the future.

7 Common Dental Problems Children Face

With regularly-scheduled dental cleanings and examinations, our pediatric dentist can help your child’s smile remain free of the following issues:

  1. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (Childhood Caries)
  2. Thumb Sucking
  3. Tongue Thrusting
  4. Early Tooth Loss
  5. Gum Disease
  6. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)
  7. Toothaches, sensitivity & erosion

Performing Gentle Tooth Extractions for Children While Maximizing Comfort

The transition from baby teeth can be tricky, and sometimes, primary teeth might have longer or oddly-shaped roots that hinder development. Baby teeth may need to be removed to make way for or prevent the need for orthodontic treatment.

Whatever the reason for extraction, Dr. Sierk performs gentle procedures for children with skill and precision. To help maximize your child’s comfort, we also have a board-certified anesthesiologist who can provide nitrous, IV, and oral conscious sedation.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Aligning your child’s smile isn’t just important for aesthetics– a healthy and symmetrical bite also promotes proper biting and chewing. A straighter smile is also easier to keep clean.

Orthodontic treatment is specifically designed to help your child achieve healthy alignment, and it should begin around age seven or eight. Orthodontics for children can be as simple as straightening crooked teeth or as complex as helping re-positioning the jaw for proper growth. We provide many types of solutions, all tailored to children’s smiles.

Creating Healthy, Beautiful Smiles Now and In the Future

At Sierk Children’s Dentistry, our team loves helping children feel confident about their smiles and showing how their dental care can be fun and exciting. Dr. Sierk enjoys building strong bonds with children and is grateful for the opportunity to help kids achieve beautiful, healthy smiles they can enjoy well into the future.

If you’re looking for a compassionate and highly-skilled pediatric dentist in Highland Ranch, look no further than Dr. Johnathan Sierk and his team! Contact our Douglas County office to get started today!