Comfortable and Compassionate Dental Care

It is common for children and people with special needs to be uncomfortable with dental appointments. From the anticipation of waiting in the office to surrendering control while in the chair, it can be a challenge to stay calm. Sierk Children’s Dentistry offers sedation treatment options to keep your child comfortable throughout treatment.

As a specialized pediatric dentist, Dr. Jonathan Sierk is trained and educated in treating children and special needs patients. With 15 years of experience and a variety of sedation options, you can feel confident Dr. Sierk will provide the compassion and care your child needs to stay healthy.

Here at our Highlands Ranch dental practice, we offer the following sedation solutions:

  • IV Sedation - provides conscious yet deep calming relaxation. You are not necessarily asleep but in a semi-awake state. You will be able to respond to verbal commands and light physical touch. IV Sedation takes several hours for the effects to wear off.
  • Nitrous Oxide - commonly known as laughing gas, is inhaled via mask and provides a sense of calmness during procedures. It induces a feeling of euphoria while you remain conscious and responsive during treatment. The sedative effects wear off quickly, so you can return to your routine.
  • Oral-Conscious Sedation – is oral medication taken before your scheduled procedure to provide a relaxed treatment experience. This medication may cause feelings of grogginess, but the patient is still able to answer questions and respond to those around you.

In-House Anesthesiologist

We ensure accurate, safe dosing of our sedatives with an in-house anesthesiologist, a trained medical professional who specializes in anesthetics, sedatives, and pain management. We can provide safe and effective treatment for any special needs patients or anxious children.

Hospital Arrangements Available

If necessary, we visit your child at the local children’s hospital. It’s important to maintain dental health, even when treating other conditions. If your child needs extensive dental work (such as multiple extractions), we complete the surgery in a more controlled hospital setting.

Choose Dr. Sierk for Children’s Sedation Dental Services

We value the health of your child and recognize that we best accomplish oral health care services if your child is relaxed and comfortable. Our sedation services help to control your child’s anxiety and builds positive associations with dental treatment.

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